Ian MacGillivray

b. Inverness, 1964.

A Grouse Day, 2013

A Macnab Day 30x40” Oil on Canvas, 2013

Going Home, 12x18” Oil on Canvas 2013

The Big Pool 10x16” Oil on Canvas

The Junction Pool, 10x16” Oil on Canvas

Rocket, 10x12” Oil on Panel, 2013 

Coco, 10x11” Oil on Panel, 

Lilly, Oil on Panel 10x14”

Elsie and Lilly, Oil on Panel 24x30”

Four Seasons, 2007, Oil on Canvas, 4 x 22x30”

Stag with Hinds, Oil on canvas, 36x60” 

Two Young Stags, Kingairloch, Oil on Canvas 18x40” 

The Rut, Oil on Canvas, 24x36” 

Stag, Oil on Canvas, 8x10”

Wintering Stag, Oil on Canvas, 8x10”

Hind and Calf, Oil on Canvas, 8x10”

September, June and November from a Year on the Hill 2011

Lister, Oil on Panel, 30x44” 2012

Leo, Oil on Panel 10x12” 2007

Garden Seat, Oil on Panel, 7x9”

Walled Garden, Oil on Canvas, 8x10”

The Etive

Winter from The Four Seasons Series 2005

February from A Year on the Hill 2011

March from A Year on the Hill 2011

Winter, 10x16” 2012

Showers from the West, Oil on Canvas, 44x60”

Oil Studies

The Coast